Some Common Abbreviations - will add more at a later date
Au = Gold
Ag = Silver
Cu = Copper
Sn = Tin
Zn = Zinc
Mn = Manganese
Blank =The Round raw material before the rim of a coin is stamped Or Pressed
Planchet = The Blank after the Rim is raised by stamping or Pressing
Cupro-Nickel = Copper Planchet that is Nickel Plated
Copper-Plated Zinc = Zinc Planchet plated with Copper
Zinc Coated Steel = One Cent Coins made in 1943 due to Copper Shortage
Obverse = Front of Coin - Usually the Dated side
Reverse usually not dated
DD = Double Die - Coin was Stamped or Pressed Twice
PR or PF = Proof
PVC = Poly Vinyl Chloride - Holders made of this will eventually Damage the Coin
Copper Clad = Planchet Plated With copper - Not Pure Copper