Coin Collecting Supplies I use other than coin Albums

PVC Free Coin Tubes / Lint Free White Gloves / Acid free Coin Flips and Envelopes / Air-Tight Holders
Jewelers Loop or Strong Magnifying Glass /  Gram Scale / Magnet / Stapler
No I don't sell Coin Albums or Supplies and are not planning to.
I'm developing a coin inventory program and may someday offer it for sale from the home page.

I use these lint free gloves all the time when handling my collectible coins, they
also keep the dirt and grime from older coins off my hands while sorting thru bulk coins.
Many times I will wear nitrile 5 Mil gloves under these, because I get a better grip.

These are real handy and come in many different sizes, these should be acid free and the clear part
of the flip on the left shouldn't be made of a material containing PVC ( Poly Vinyl Chloride)

In my opinion tubes should be flexible, not brittle and FREE of  PVC ( Poly Vinyl Chloride)
I use the screw on lid type, the slip on lids always seem to come off unless taped.

I use this Air-Tite Holder and a Epson WF-2650 to scan my coin pictures
Sometimes I use only the Air-Tite white or black ring - Its been working great for me
Another Method is to use a 1.5mm thick white Teflon (PFTE) strip with a 19.05mm round hole
Why Teflon (PFTE)? - Because it hasn't scratched my coin edges - other harder plastics have.
I imagine that other products such as rubber or neoprene may work just as well, think I will try them.
I place a sheet of construction paper on top of the item to be scanned to reduce the glare from the scanner
when scanning a clear holder or a encapsulated  coin and  this seems to work most of the time but sometimes
a really bright coin sometimes does not show the true brilliance of the item. Currently I am testing alternatives.

Teflon™ is a registered trademark and a brand name owned by Chemours
Air-Tite is Air-Tite Holders, Inc.